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The Bayreuth Center for Material Science and Engineering (BayMAT)

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Welcome to BayMAT

The Bayreuth Center for Material Science and Engineering (BayMAT) is since its inception in December 2006 a central unit of the University of Bayreuth. The goal of this institution is to support interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research and development work and provide the knowledge in the field of materials science. A focus of the BayMAT is the transfer of research into applications. The center serves as a contact for industry, government agencies, associations and educational institutions.

Furthermore, coordinated research projects should be implemented and applied by the members, including in particular the application for a research falls under the umbrella of BayMAT. The materials center employs a variety of scientists from different research areas such as engineering, chemistry, physics and materials science.

The four member executive committee of the Bayreuth Center for Material Science and Engineering (BayMAT) is:

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schafföner (Ceramic Materials Engineering, Director)

  • Prof. Dr. Josef Breu (Inorganic Chemistry I, vice director)

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Rieg (Engineering Design and CAD)

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Roth (Electrochemical Processs Engineering)

A total of 14 groups with about 200 scientists and a corresponding very large apparatus equipment in the field of materials analysis and testing are represented in BayMAT.

Statutes of 30 June 2022

Webmaster: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schafföner

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